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During the week, the sea is warm, in the resorts of the Carpathians it is rainy

Sun, warm sea and hot, but not scorching, sun – this is a generalized weather forecast for seaside resorts until the end of the week, although there are nuances. In the resorts of the Carpathians, a cold atmospheric front will show what contrast is when the air temperature suddenly drops sharply from 31 °C to 21 °C. Unfortunately, precipitation cannot be avoided, thunderstorms – too.

In the previous week, atmospheric flows seemed to play with people, it seemed that a thunderstorm was about to start, but it did not start, and vice versa-when the atmosphere was completely calm, the wind suddenly rose, clouds flew in and a downpour simply fell on the ground.

This week, everything is more or less predictable in seaside resorts. The sea is calm, there is little rain. However, there is one problem – the invasion of jellyfish in the sea of Azov. In the waters of the sea of Azov live: eared jellyfish (Aurelia aurita), which is absolutely harmless, and root (Rhizostoma pulmo), a jellyfish with poisonous processes. When in contact with the poisonous processes of the root jellyfish, a person feels a burn similar to a nettle burn. The inflammation passes on its own and very quickly. If the inflammation does not go away during the day, which means that the reaction to the burn is atypical, you need to consult a doctor. But such cases are rare.

Black Sea resorts

According to the forecast on the last day of June and the first days of July, the weather on the entire Black Sea coast is clear, the air will warm up to 26.28 °C, the sea water temperature to 23 °C, but from July 1, the water in the sea may become cooler by 1-2 degrees. By the weekend, the air temperature may decrease by 1-2 degrees, rain is expected, but short-term and in some places.

In Odessa, the last day of June will be cloudless, the air temperature will rise to 28 °C, the wind will be warm and light. July will start with sunny weather and increased southerly winds of up to 7 M/S with gusts of up to 10 M/s. Daytime temperatures in the first days of July will remain at around 27.28 °C, and will be felt 2 degrees higher. Rain is expected over the weekend, possibly with thunderstorms on Saturday.

In Azure, the air will warm up to 29 °C, the sea water temperature near the resort is 24 °C. precipitation may pass over the weekend.

In the Crimea in the afternoon until Sunday it will be 27 2 29 °C, on Sunday there will be a decrease in temperature by several degrees, rain and thunderstorms will pass.

Resorts of the Sea of Azov

On the last day of June on the coast of the Sea of Azov 27 2 28 °C, in some places up to 33 °C, cloudy with clearings, westerly and south-westerly winds up to 4 M/s. July will start with hot weather, up to 31 °C, but it may rain over the weekend.

The water temperature in the sea of Azov is up to 24.2 °C.

In Kirillovka from June 30 to July 2, it will be hot, up to 30 °C, cloudy with clearings. Thunderstorms are expected over the weekend, which will reduce the air temperature to 26 °C.

Primorsky Posad: the maximum temperature – on Saturday, up to 33 °C, will be felt as 38 °C, there is a possibility of thunderstorms and heavy rains. On Sunday, July 4, the air temperature in the afternoon will be below 27 °C.

In Urzuf, from June 30 to July 4, the daytime air temperature is 29... 31 °C. thunderstorms and rain are possible on Sunday.

Carpathian Resorts

In the Carpathians, the last day of June will be hot, up to 33°C, July will start with a drop in temperature to 21 °C due to the invasion of a cold front, in the Highlands to 17°C in the afternoon. All week until July 4, there will be significant cloud cover, but there will also be a lot of sun, from time to time it will rain.

In Yaremche on June 30 in the afternoon up to 25 °C, moderate wind up to 5 M/s, no precipitation. The beginning of July will be rainy. During the week, it will get colder at night to 11°C, during the day 17 °C.

In Svalyava on Wednesday, the air temperature in the afternoon will be 30 °C, and on July 1 – a sharp drop to 22°C. The probability of rain is very high all week. It will get significantly colder at night, up to 12 °C. In Truskavets on the last day of June it will be hot, up to 33 °C. in the first days of July it will rain. Cool at night, 14 1 15 °C, during the day 22.23 ° C.

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